Dream Catcher
Fine Art  
Ed Devine

I approach my art like a painter may approach a canvas. My intention is not simply to record, but to create something entirely new from my surroundings, moving beyond the here and now into new realms of seeing and experiencing. The photographic medium today is now ripe and established enough to push the boundaries by experimenting with new techniques and digital applications. My artistic vision is about stretching the photograph into new territories while not destroying the overall integrity of the medium.

Balance, Connection and interpretations of what may be perceived as Holy are vital elements in the creative process for me.  What I choose to compose and create is governed by these three fundamental principles. I often work at a very intuitive level, slowly layering a composition at the very same time as it emerges in my mind's eye, viewfinder or computer screen. This level of creative mystery brings me great excitement,while at the same time keeping what I do fresh, alive and challenging.

My work is not without direction and purpose. Ultimately I believe that witnessing beauty or the sacred has the power to unconsciously transform beliefs and assumptions about the world as we know and experience it.  No matter how small this experience may be, it has potential to create new meaning and awareness in our lives. My artwork belongs to a new and emerging movement in the Fine Art world that I call Reconstructive Post Modernism. My work consciously avoids over-analyzing and dissecting experience. While it's vital to question our assumptions about place and normality. I see it as my artistic vision and purpose to be one of many who are reintroducing heart, soul and ultimately renewed hope into contemporary art.

Thus far I have exhibited in Canada, Germany, India, the UK and the USA.

My work has won numerous photography contests as well as a Juror's Choice Award.

My work has been published extensively on book covers,post cards and inside books, magazines and newspapers.


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Located Trenton, NJ